Pamela for Skype

Voicemail and instant messaging


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Pamela for Skype is a digital personal assistant that takes charge of responding to calls and messages from your contacts when you're not at your computer.

Thanks to Pamela for Skype you don't need to change your status on this VoIP client each time you're away from your PC, as it allows you to leave a personalized message for whoever is trying to get in touch with you.

Pamela for Skype will create a detailed list of all the messages your contacts have left: who, when, what, etc.

There are other interesting features in addition to the automatic telephone answering service:

-Recording the call in an MP3 file
-Sending emails in the form of a video
-Automated answer for chat messages

Pamela for Skype allows you to turn your computer into a complete communications system especially useful for those that want to substitute the Internet for their phone.
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